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Board of Directors

The success of the Alumni Foundation is only as strong as those who guide our efforts. We thank the following alumni who serve in a volunteer capacity and contribute their time and talents to support fellow alumni.

Ted Shepherd '91


Lisa Bolt.jpg

Lisa Bolt '93

Jillian Maes.jpg

Jillian (Osleson)

Maes '00

Public Relations Committee

Betty Salameno.jpg

Betty Salameno '66

Finance Committee

Carmen Avalos.jpg

Carmen Avalos '73

Andy Beeman.jpg

Andy Beeman '77

Hall of Fame Committee

Kathy Harrison.jpg

Kathy (DeCarlo)

Harrison '86

Scholarship Committee

Dana Mauro.jpg

Dana Mauro '73

Finance Committee

Avalos Logo.jpg

Thank you Avalos Fine Portraiture for donating these beautiful portraits!

Brad Lisac.jpg

Brad Lisac '98

Mike Romero.jpg

Mike Romero '86

Terrie Tafoya.jpg

Terrie Tafoya '77

Hall of Fame Committee

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