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2023 Hall of Fame Inductees


Ginger Andenucio

Mrs. Ginger Andenucio graduated from Pueblo County High School in 1974. Attending District 70 schools, she went on to have a life-long career serving District 70 as a teacher and administrator.  As a Distinguished Teacher, she went beyond classroom walls to provide programs for her students. As an Administrator, she was the driving force behind many of the District’s current offerings, the School of Engineering and Biomedical Science, the School To Employment Program, Gifted and Talented, just to name a few. An avid grant writer, she procured millions of dollars for the District through her Grant writing.  She helped implement the 4-Day week, standards education, and several Early College and Post-Secondary options for students. She has served the community by being on several boards, bringing her voice and her vision of education to extend beyond the walls of District 70. Her passion was and always will be the students of District 70.


Dr. James Arnold

Dr. James Arnold, a 1957 graduate, served in the Air Force, enrolled in Pueblo Jr. College then continued his education receiving a BS and MA degrees from CSU-Ft. Collins. He continued at CSU- Ft. Collins receiving his Doctorate in 1986.  Dr. Arnold, through the PCC and PEDCO, partnership, created customized training programs for a multitude of incoming companies. Dr. Arnold’s customized training helped attract new business and industries to Pueblo. In 1993, Dr. Arnold was named Executive Director of Community College-Fremont Campus.  Creating community cooperation and orchestrating a massive fundraising effort, the Fremont Campus flourished.  Many believe that the current PCC -Fremont Campus would not exist without his tireless effort and vision. After retirement, Dr. Arnold supported the El Pueblo Boys and Girls Ranch continuing to develop programs through 4-H, horticulture, and animal science. 


Dr. Charles E. Norton III

Dr. Charles E. Norton III graduated from Pueblo County High School in 2006. Earning valedictorian honors upon graduation was the culmination of a very active, well rounded high school career. He continued his studies at the University of New Mexico earning a B.S. in Biology and Chemistry followed by a Ph.D. in Biomedical Sciences. Dr. Norton has distinguished himself with many national awards pertaining to his research studying the microcirculation. His research at the University of Missouri has led to numerous publications, significant grant funding, presentations across the globe, and multiple research images featured in the Kempler Museum of Contemporary Art. He also serves on multiple scientific grant review and journal editorial boards. Dr. Norton has made extraordinary contributions to his field and continues to be a leader in research concerning vascular and pulmonary diseases.


Jody Robinson

Mrs. Jody (Granato) Robinson graduated from Pueblo County High School in 1968. Mrs. Robinson held many positions with District 70 throughout her career.  She was the Curriculum Center Coordinator at the ASC as well as serving as the secretary to the Director of Activities. While coordinating activities for District 70, schedules, locations, and officiating was only a portion of her many duties. Her biggest impact was on implementing an online database that could be shared between media centers.  Serving as the Media Specialist at Pueblo County High School, Jody was instrumental in working with outside agencies to modernize our media centers.  Working with the Nexus project, Jody guided District 70 and brought online cataloging into our schools. Along with the creation of our library satellite system, Jody’s expertise in the sharing of resources still has an impact on our schools today.

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